Strategic Innovation+ is an exclusive event and gathering that brings together influential thinkers and strategists from around the globe. They interact with a carefully selected audience to challenge the status quo, stimulate new ideas, explore disruptive technology, and push the boundaries of innovation.

Join us for an electrifying lineup of renowned experts and executives from different sectors, and industries, academia, and government. By attending, you will gain valuable insights, feel energized, and leave with a powerful network of global change-makers.

Inventor of the Business Model Canvas, Bestselling Author #4 Thinkers50,Founder & CEO of Strategyzer,

Founder of Bain Consulting, Texas Office

Former Chairman & CEO, Best Buy; Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School; Author, The Heart of Business

Co-Chairman Living Tomorrow, Founder TomorrowLab / Group Managing Partner, Author of the book Why Innovation Fails.

PhD | MBA, has worked very intensively in recent years on the mindset that enables us to solve different types of problems. Michael is a best-selling author, award-winning design thinking and business ecosystem design thought leader, business entrepreneur, and visiting professor at various universities globally. His ideas, books, and company, Lewrick & Company, help mobilize people around the world to better lead innovation, digital transformation, and business growth in an era of increasingly rapid change. He is the author of the international best-sellers Design Thinking Series, including titles like, Design Thinking and Innovation Metrics, Design Thinking for Business Growth, The Design Thinking Toolbox, and The Design Thinking Playbook, in which he describes the mindful transformation of people, teams, ecosystems, and organizations. He works intensively with universities and companies, and places the self-efficacy of people in personal and organizational change projects at the center of his activities. As an internationally recognized expert in the field of digital transformation and the management of innovation, Michael has helped numerous companies to develop and scale growth strategies.


Our events and masterclasses can play a pivotal role in developing the next generation of leaders, but their impact extends far beyond the individual learner. Developing leaders can improve team-wide productivity, collaboration, and innovation. At the organizational level, leadership has a direct impact on employee engagement and corporate culture.


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