At NEXUS Training and Development, we link the local business community with the world’s top thought leaders to help professionals and organizations advance by exposing them to the latest knowledge, opportunities, and ideas. By planning top-notch training seminars, events, and accredited programs to meet your company’s needs, we promote change and foster creativity.


To introduce the Arabic world to the expertise and insight from global authorities of modern business.


We aim to be an educational collaborator and a provider of solutions for organizations and people seeking to realize their strategic and holistic goals for modern business.


Managing Partner

Amr Habib is an expert in customer service, digital and mobile marketing, and developing business marketing strategies. As a Managing Partner at NEXUS, he organized many successful Conferences and Events, featuring world-class speakers and experts. Amr's focus, drive, and determination enable him to create innovative programs, lead a professional team, and deliver exceptional results. He currently works on improving customers’ and employees' experiences to increase business outcomes.

Co-founder and Board Member

Salah Rashad is a distinguished partner and co-founder of NEXUS Training and Development. His consulting expertise is centered on empowering organizations to enhance their business value by cultivating their organizational structure, leadership, and personnel capabilities, which have a measurable impact on market value. PriorBefore, he served as an organization development professional at prominent FMCG companies, where he held pivotal positions as a GM and MD. He has delivered numerous training, consultation, and coaching sessions, where he has extensively discussed leadership and organizational effectiveness.

Co-founder and Board Member

Rehab's talent and creativity are unparalleled, demonstrated through her ability to turn mundane concepts into masterpieces. With a diverse background in fine arts and advertising, she has a keen understanding of building brands and executing them to their fullest potential. As a co-founder of NEXUS Training and Development, Rehab is on a mission to transform the local business scene with her innovative ideas and digital marketing expertise. She takes pride in being involved in every aspect of the job and her dedication to excellence is unmatched. Overall, Rehab is a valuable asset to any team.

Chief Curation Officer

Akram Saad is an experienced business professional who has organized and hosted over 15 world-class events for top CEOs, directors, and business owners in Egypt. Through these events, he has developed a professional and dedicated persona with a proven track record of accomplishment in marketing, sales, and customer loyalty. He is skilled at managing multiple priorities and adapting to a rapidly changing environment.


  • At NEXUS Training and Development, we provide unparalleled training from the world’s most renowned gurus, business thought leaders, and op-notch experts. Our goal is to help you develop a modern business strategy and cultivate forward-thinking for the rapidly changing decade ahead.


  • We strive to help you uncover the benefits, profitability, and sustainability of strategic and holistic business management. Our team is dedicated to enhancing the power of your brand by building positive perceptions in the human mind and leading sustainable thoughts above your competitors.


  • Furthermore, we aim to assist you in identifying great challenges and business opportunities during times of change through innovation. Our approach is designed to equip you with the necessary tools and knowledge to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.


  • Partner with us and experience the transformative power of our training and consulting services. Let us help you achieve your business goals and unlock your full potential.