The intersection of Design Thinking and Generative AI holds immense promise for innovation. By combining the human-centered approach of Design Thinking with the power of Generative AI, organizations can discover new opportunities, address complex challenges, and transform industries.

Design Thinking emphasizes empathy, creativity, and collaboration, providing a powerful framework for understanding user needs and generating innovative solutions. Generative AI, on the other hand, leverages algorithms to generate novel ideas and concepts, offering a wealth of possibilities beyond human imagination.


The two-day certification program, offered by NEXUS Training Solutions in collaboration with Lewrick & Company, is meticulously designed for CEOs and C-level executives to give them the tools and mindsets to design a winning strategy and ensure that strategy is actionable and equip them with the transformative power of Design Thinking.

Embrace the power of Design Thinking for Generative AI and embark on a journey of innovation that will redefine the way we experience technology and shape the world around us.

Master Design Thinking:

Learn from the world’s foremost expert and thought leader in Design Thinking, Michael Lewrick.

Effectively Organize and Communicate, and Activate Strategy:

Translate strategy across functions and teams to achieve common goals and ensure the strategy is actionable and feasible.

Drive Innovation:

Transform your organization’s culture by fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and employee-centric design

Enhance Decision Making:

Develop skills to understand user needs, empathy, creativity, and iteration. Design Thinking helps individuals and teams make more informed and impactful decisions

Change the Mindset:

Start to cultivate critical thinking and design thinking skills across the organization for harnessing the power of generative AI in a responsible and ethical manner

Translate Strategy into Action:

Enable teams and individuals to take action on strategy by developing clear plans to assess, build, and mobilize your team’s resources

Introduction to Design Thinking

Learn a process for designing a strategy that will enable you to take action.

Human-Centered Design in Strategy

Establish shared understanding and alignment by designing for and with the people who will make your strategy successful.

Empathizing with Your Stakeholder

Understand the different types of organizational stakeholders critical to your strategy’s success.

Defining Strategy Challenges

Define a strategy problem that you’re facing, frame a question around your problem, and generate new strategic possibilities.

Ideation and Prototyping

Push your thinking to brainstorm new strategic possibilities that answer the question you framed for your organization.

Navigating Change and Cultural Transformation

Define the capabilities and management systems needed to activate and support your strategy.

Cultivate Strategy as a Core Leadership Skill:

Intentionally design for ongoing strategy conversations—not just progress reports but real discussions of the strategy and its implications.

Define Your Metrics:

Think about how to design team moments to evaluate your strategy’s impact. Articulate what you expect to see if the strategy is working as intended.

Design Thinking in Practice

Case Studies and Implementation Strategies

AI and Humans as a Team

Unlock the potential of generative AI through human-ai symbiosis and learn more about the opportunities and challenges

Michael Lewrick (Live, and In-person)

Best-selling Author, Award-winning Design Thinking and Business Ecosystem Design Thought Leader.

Embrace the wisdom of innovation pioneers and unlock your business’s true potential.

  • Michael Lewrick (PhD) is a bestselling author, award winning design thinking and ecosystem design thought leader, business entrepreneur and visiting professor at various universities globally. His ideas, books and company, Lewrick & Company, help mobilize people around the world to better lead innovation and digital transformation in an era of increasingly rapid change. He values the power of human-AI collaboration for solving complex problems.
  • Former Chief Innovation Officer of Swisscom
  • Former Head of Innovation Lab, Deloitte


Feb 26-27

Your in-person program fee includes course materials, food and beverages and local certificate from NEXUS Training Solutions

Certificate of Completion

Boost your resume with an International Certificate of Completion from Lewrick and Company and earn your LinkedIn page