In a time where change is constant, successful leaders are able to anticipate and navigate uncertainty strategically. Scenario Planning in Turbulent Times for Business Leaders is a workshop for executives who want to guide their organizations towards resilience and growth, even when faced with unexpected challenges. Led by Prof. Joachim De Vos, author of Why Innovation Fails & 7 Keys to Success, this workshop is exclusive and high-level. Your journey to mastering strategic foresight begins with Scenario Planning in Turbulent Times for Leaders with Prof. De Vos.

This workshop is more than just a training session – it is a transformative experience that equips you and your organization to thrive in the face of future uncertainties. Take advantage of this opportunity to become a visionary leader who not only survives but thrives in uncertain times. Limited spaces are available to ensure a personalized and impactful experience. Reserve your spot today to start your journey towards strategic excellence and resilience. Don’t miss this rare chance to learn directly from a master strategist and thought leader in the field.

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⦁ The ability to identify, analyze, and respond to emerging trends and potential disruptions.
⦁ A personalized action plan to integrate scenario planning into your organization’s strategic initiatives.
Access to aWhy Attend?

Master the Art of Anticipation and foresight:

Learn from industry veterans how to foresee potential challenges and opportunities in your business landscape. Equip yourself with the tools to predict and prepare for various future scenarios, ensuring you’re always one step ahead.

Strategize with Confidence:

Through practical, hands-on sessions, discover how to build flexible strategies that withstand turbulence and pivot with precision. Transform uncertainty into a strategic advantage.

Real-World Insights and Applications:

Benefit from a rich blend of case studies, interactive workshops, and panel discussions. Gain actionable insights from organizations that have successfully navigated crises, emerging stronger and more adaptable.

Tailored for Leadership:
This workshop goes beyond theoretical knowledge, focusing on the strategic application of scenario planning in leadership roles. It’s an opportunity to refine your leadership skills for an unpredictable world.

What You Will Gain?

⦁ A comprehensive understanding of scenario planning and its critical role in stra community of leaders for ongoing support and collaboration.

Executives and Leaders:

C-suite executives, directors, and leaders across industries seeking high-level insights, strategic perspectives, and networking opportunities to drive organisational success.

Government Officials:

Professionals from governmental bodies involved in policy-making and implementation, looking to align their strategies with the national vision and contribute to effective governance.

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners:

Those leading or aspiring to lead businesses, startups, or entrepreneurial ventures, aiming to gain strategic acumen and innovative perspectives for sustainable growth.

Professionals in Specialised Fields:

Individuals in specialised areas such as finance, technology, healthcare, and more, seeking in-depth, hands-on training through focused programs to enhance their expertise.

Change Agents and Innovators:

Individuals committed to driving positive change within their organisations, equipped with the latest strategies, tools, and perspectives gained from industry leaders and immersive learning experiences.

Strategic Foresight Mastery:

Gain invaluable insights into scenario planning from Prof. Joachim De Vos, an Oxford educated and renowned expert in innovation and strategic foresight since 2004. Equip yourself with the tools to anticipate and navigate future business landscapes confidently.

Practical Tools for Uncertainty:

Learn to identify key drivers of change and leverage scenario planning to transform uncertainty into strategic advantage. Walk away with actionable frameworks to apply directly to your business challenges.

Real-World Success Stories and Practical cases:

Dive into case studies and success stories of organizations that thrived in turbulent times through effective scenario planning. Understand the practical applications of theory to real-world challenges. Prof. De Vos brings cases from divers industries and government agencies.

Interactive Scenario Building:

Engage in hands-on sessions where you’ll collaborate with peers to construct and analyze scenarios for your organisation. Experience the power of collective intelligence in uncovering opportunities and risks.

Leadership in Turbulent Times by using Scenarios:

Enhance your leadership skills with scenario strategies to foster a culture of resilience and adaptability within your organization. Learn from a leader who has been a soundboard for global top companies.

Exclusive Networking:

Connect with a select group of business leaders, sharing insights and forging potential collaborations. Expand your professional network in an environment designed for leaders.

Personalized Action Plans to get started:

Learn how to develop a tailored action plan to implement scenario planning within your organization, ensuring you leave the workshop prepared to act. Benefit from follow-up support as you put your plans into action.

Prof. Joachim De Vos is an expert in strategic foresight and digital transformation, renowned for his innovative approach to navigating the complexities of tomorrow’s business landscape. With a robust academic background as a professor at the Belgian University in Ghent, Europe, he seamlessly bridges theoretical knowledge with practical application. As the visionary founder of TomorrowLab – a foresight strategic company guiding the top 100 – and managing partner at Living Tomorrow – the main European future innovation campus – , he has spearheaded cutting-edge projects that redefine how businesses prepare for the future. His best-selling book, “Why Innovation Fails & 7 Keys to Success,” has become a pivotal guide for leaders worldwide seeking to foster a culture of innovation within their organizations. Prof. De Vos is recognized globally for his exceptional ability to guide top companies and organizations in crafting dynamic strategies that anticipate and thrive on disruption, making him an unparalleled mentor for those looking to excel in an ever-evolving digital era.


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