The True Women program is designed to empower female leaders in the MENA region, providing them with the tools and support needed to discover their “True Self,” find “Happiness,” and achieve “Balance” in their meaningful lives.

This comprehensive 5-module program integrates Emotional Intelligence and Leadership competencies, helping women leaders develop and personalize a customized toolkit to navigate life’s challenges. Recognizing the unique obstacles and Significant Emotional Events (SEEs) that women often face more intensely than men, the program aims to equip participants to thrive in their careers and personal lives.

In a region where women are increasingly breaking through the glass ceiling and holding influential positions, the True Women program stands out as a vital resource. It aligns with the accomplishments highlighted in the 2020 Forbes list, which celebrates exceptional women entrepreneurs leading transformative companies across 23 different countries in the MENA region. Despite ongoing challenges, these women have excelled in executive management roles, family businesses, banking, investment, finance, and diversified sectors.

Change is inevitable, and the True Women program encourages participants to embrace it, go with the flow, and accept the changes as they come. You deserve to thrive, and this program is here to help you do just that.

Shine Your Potential to:

  • Use Your Energy Wisely:
    Avoid wasting time and energy on worries and complaints about things you cannot change. Instead, channel your energy into creative problem-solving for issues that can truly make a difference.
  • Change Yourself:
    Focusing on the negative aspects of change hampers your ability to think clearly and explore alternative options. Take responsibility for what happens in your life and start making positive changes now.
  • Focus on Positives:
    Build on your strengths. Identify what you do well, what brings you satisfaction and pleasure, what you learn easily, and what helps you feel energized.
  • Be a Problem-Solver:
    Resistant thinking prevents progress and the discovery of positive opportunities in change. Embrace flexibility and use creativity to find different ways to solve problems.
  • Create Meaningful Relationships:
    Develop and celebrate meaningful relationships in your life. Enjoy the connections you build and the joy they bring.
  • International Certificate:
    Obtain your certificate from the globally recognized Florida International University.

The SHE Factor . . . “Finding Your Voice!”

– Modules:
1. True Self: Discover and understand your goals, dreams, and abilities.
2. Zooming In to Your Abilities: Focus on realizing and maximizing your potential.
3. Modeling the Way: Be a role model for others, leading to full acceptance and sustainable change.

– Focus:
– Self-awareness and understanding.
– Achieving high standards of physical, mental, and overall well-being.
– Providing support in a non-judgmental environment.
– Building confidence despite past incidents.
– Promoting women’s empowerment and providing networking opportunities.

– Competencies:
– Emotional Awareness and Accurate Self-Assessment.
– The Formula of Success: Modeling, Mentoring, and Teaching.

Women for All Times . . . “Go with the Flow!”

– Modules:
1. Building the Culture: Create a supportive and positive environment.
2. Getting to YES: Develop negotiation and agreement skills.
3. Inspiring a Shared Vision: Lead with a clear and motivating vision.

– Focus:
– Managing emotions under pressure.
– Achieving a balanced and fulfilling life.
– Inspiring others and overcoming challenges.

– Competencies:
– Self-Control, Adaptability, and Innovativeness.
– Envisioning and Enlisting Others in a Common Vision.

You Are Special . . . “Aspire to Inspire!”

– Modules:
1. Adopting Resilience, Agility, and Positivity: Build strength and flexibility in facing challenges.
2. Celebrating Success: Recognize and appreciate achievements.
3. Challenging the Process: Embrace new beginnings and innovative thinking.

– Focus:
– Applying positive thinking and willpower.
– Supporting and celebrating other women’s successes.
– Encouraging resilience and internal power.

– Competencies:
– Achievement Drive, Commitment, and Optimism.
– Experimenting, Taking Risks, and Growth Through Mistakes.

Communicating in Colors . . . “Bond with Empathy!”

– Modules:
1. Focusing On Strengths: Emphasize and utilize personal strengths.
2. Leveraging Diversity: Value and incorporate diverse perspectives.
3. Enabling Others to Act: Empower and support others.

– Focus:
– Building empathy and understanding in communication.
– Developing strong, empathetic interactions.
– Strengthening relationships through effective communication.

– Competencies:
– Leveraging Diversity and Organizational Awareness.
– Developing Collaboration and Visible Support.

Celebrating Relationships . . . “Great Relationships Win Over the Test of Time!”

– Modules:
1. Managing Relationships: Develop and maintain effective relationships.
2. Inspiring the Potential: Motivate and bring out the best in others.
3. Encouraging the Heart: Foster strong emotional connections and support.

– Focus:
– Enhancing overall well-being through good relationships.
– Building self-confidence and managing conflict.
– Encouraging healthy lifestyle habits and reducing stress.

– Competencies:
– Influence, Leadership, and Building Bond and Rapport.
– Conflict Management and Team Development.

Adventurous Learning:

We are experts in “Adventurous Learning,” which encompasses experiences, observations, research, and activities delivered synchronously. This approach allows learners to connect what is happening in their work and studies, reflect on these events, and propose potential solutions to the issues raised.

Appreciative Inquiry Technique:

The Appreciative Inquiry technique focuses on building upon participants’ strengths, using them as a foundation to bridge organizational gaps and achieve the highest levels of performance.

To ensure the compatibility of experiences and activities delivered to participants, we design our workshops to be 70% action learning. This includes the following methods to ensure effective message delivery and application:

– Assessments
– Real-life examples
– Simulations
– Role plays
– Corporate games
– Movies & clips
– Discussions
– Book references
– Action plans


Our approach to delivering workshops is rooted in action and adventurous learning, which we have practiced for over 15 years. Our tools, corporate games, and simulations have demonstrated significant achievements and engagement through our work with clients, including EMI, for over six years. These games and tools are continuously updated and introduced to our markets through partnerships with Innovative Group USA and other affiliates. Note that activities may vary for online learning.

“There’s no one without purpose in a game. That’s what Gamification is all about.”
— Vineet Raj Kapoor

Dr. Alaa El-Halwagy:

Dr. Alaa El-Halwagy is a distinguished organizational development expert and executive coach with over 22 years of consultative experience. Based in Florida, he is the founder and CEO of Innovative Group, Inc., and Chairman of the Board of Sterling International. Dr. El-Halwagy has provided strategic guidance and operational enhancement to top companies across 16 countries, including several Fortune 50 firms. His expertise includes organizational effectiveness, performance excellence, and leadership development. Dr. El-Halwagy is an adjunct faculty member at Florida State University, contributing to leadership programs and fostering organizational success.

Heba Hamza

Heba Hamza is a seasoned consultant and executive coach. With over 25 years of experience in multinational corporations and large organizations across the MENA region, she has consistently transformed individuals, teams, and organizations using a competency-based approach. Heba holds an HR Diploma from the American University in Cairo, and an MBA. She is a Professional member of SHRM and an International HR Trainer certified by the American Institute of Professional Studies. Heba is a Sterling International Business Partner and Analyst.

Yasmin Al-Araby

Yasmin Y. Al-Araby is a seasoned consultant specializing in organizational development and culture. She is an HR Business Partner, and is affiliated with Innovative Group-USA, Inc. Yasmin is a Certified Organizational Manager from The Florida State University and is certified in the True Colors Intervention Suite. Yasmin is also a Sterling International Ambassador and a member of various professional organizations, including the Florida Sterling Council Board of Examiners and SHRM.


Innovative Group™USA

Innovative Group™ is a global consulting and training company with proven models for maximizing organizational performance excellence through improving workforce performance at every level.

Being one of the few accredited consultants by Sterling International, Innovative Group™ has, for decades, helped thousands of professionals achieve personal success and improve their inter-personal relationships.
Our Partners of Success:

Florida International University

The Florida International University College of Business remains worlds ahead in preparing Undergraduate and Graduate Business students, as well as life-long executive learners for leadership roles in the global market.

It is ranked:
#2 Master’s in Human Resource Management Program (, 2021)
#2 Undergraduate International Business Program (U.S. News & World Report, 2020)
#3 International MBA Program (U.S. News & World Report, 2021)
#9 Online MBA Program, World (QS World University Rankings, 2020)
It is also ranked among the top 5% of elite business schools worldwide accredited by the AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

NEXUS Training and Development

NEXUS is a powerhouse for training and development that fosters innovation and ambition. Our aim is to connect Business Leaders, C-suit level, and top executives with influential thought leaders and visionaries from around the globe. Our bold promise is to ignite success in the boardrooms of Egypt’s most prestigious companies.

With a strong focus on nurturing business leadership excellence, NEXUS brings internationally recognized business tycoons, creating an environment where CEOs and executives are not only inspired but also motivated to achieve unprecedented business growth. In a country where the desert meets bustling markets, NEXUS is a leading beacon in transforming businesses in the Middle East.

Sterling International:

Sterling International is the global arm and a program member of the Baldrige Alliance at the federal level of the United States of America as well as the global partner of Sterling Council, a well-respected professional organization that has offered firms, in the States of Florida and Georgia, to reach and sustain performance excellence with a track record of more than 30 years. We provide a custom blend of detailed evaluations, critical training, and world-class consulting services to help organizations maximize their success. Using the robust Sterling / Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence.