Join us at the Leadership+ Conference: The Game Changers, where top experts like John Mattone, Dave Ulrich, Norm Smallwood, Bary Posner, Jennifer Moss, and Eric Siegel will discuss intelligent leadership, mental health, and AI-driven growth.

In a world of constant change, this event will help leaders develop resilient strategies to help their businesses thrive in the face of global challenges. Learn how to combine core values with cutting-edge insights to redefine the future of your organization.

Our speakers and thought leaders will lead a two-day conference for a select group of CEOs and executive leaders who are interested in implementing and understanding Intelligent Leadership and deploying AI within their organization. They will explore the qualities that make great leaders based on their extensive experience.

What You and Your Team Will Gain

The motion of enterprises is not linear. Every day, changes and global transformations create friction, leading to collisions and tough decisions at a fast pace.

Join Leadership+, the Game Changers Conference to get a toolkit for intelligent leadership and connect with professionals who are dedicated to making positive changes in the business world.

  • Gain strategic insights from global thought leaders
  • Use courage and vision to your advantage
  • Lead teams and organizations with agility and adaptability
  • Learn how to handle change, adapt to market shifts, and promote innovation.
  • Avoid burnout and promote well-being
  • Effectively navigate change and drive transformation
  • Utilize AI to grow your business
  • Network with like-minded leaders and connect with other senior executives who share your commitment to excellence
  • Strategic Catalyst for Your Team


As a CEO or executive leader, you understand the critical role effective leadership plays in driving organizational success. Now, imagine aligning your team with the wisdom of the greatest leadership experts and thought leaders of our time.

  • Visionary Leaders: If you aspire to lead with unwavering vision and the courage to make bold decisions that propel your organization to new heights, this event is tailor-made for you.
  • Change Agents: As a leader at the forefront of organizational change, you’ll find valuable insights and strategies here. Navigate transformational journeys successfully by joining us.
  • Technology Enthusiasts: Eager to explore the revolutionary potential of AI and its applications in optimizing processes and driving business growth? Look no further.
  • HR and Well-being Professionals: Are you focused on creating a healthier, more productive work environment? Do you combat burnout to promote employee well-being? This event is designed with you in mind.


  1. Thinking Differently and Thinking Big:
    • Encouraging leaders to break free from conventional thinking and envision bold possibilities.
  2. Leveraging Strengths and Addressing Gaps:
    • Identifying personal strengths and areas for growth.
  3. Courage in Execution and Agility:
    • Navigating challenges with resilience and adaptability.
  4. The Role of Character and Legacy:
    • How character shapes leadership impact.
  5. Lessons from Coaching Steve Jobs:
    • Insights from working with iconic leaders.
  6. Creating a Compelling Future:
    • Crafting a vision for oneself, the organization, and others


AI has the potential to empower individuals, but this can only happen if leaders have a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities and carefully consider its implications for their organization.

  1. Business leaders’ perspective on the implementation of AI and the day-to-day operations.

  2. Rethink the way humans and machines interact within working environments.

  3. A toolkit for senior leaders to assess the strategic implications, risks, and opportunities that AI presents for industries and business models.

  4. Moving AI initiatives from pilot testing to rapid scaling and eventually integrating them into regular business operations.

  5. Leaders develop the necessary roles, skills, and capabilities to continually test and learn with AI, ensuring they stay ahead of competitors.

  6. Leaders become fluent in AI and emerging tech essentials.



Anyone can build generic leaders. Building differentiated leaders starts with understanding what investors and customers expect from your business. Dave AND NORM’S outside-in methodology helps you prioritize and build the leaders your stakeholders depend on for results.

  • Dave Ulrich
    1. Why human capability matters
    2. Why leadership
    3. What are trends in the leadership code
  • Norm Smallwood:
    1. How to build a leadership brand
    2. How to invest in and build leadership
    3. How to ensure leadership reputation


Today’s level of burnout is the result of an existing problem made exponentially worse. But by knowing the organizational signals of stress, we can course correct for the future.

  1. How to better measure the risk of attrition and disengagement before it’s too late.

  2. Ways to shape a better hybrid/remote/in-person strategy to prevent burnout.

  3. Tackling unmanageable workloads (it’s not what you think)

  4. The six root causes of burnout—and what organizations can do to prevent it.

  5. Why traditional corporate wellness initiatives may worsen the problem.

  6. Leading in the age of quiet quitting, rage applying, and future work trends 

  7. How organizations can lead with empathy and why that matters right now

The Challenge Continues

Best-selling author Barry Posner shares his leadership insight and expertise in this inspiring conversation. Barry will answer audience questions on the most pressing issues in leadership today and talk about the latest edition of his best seller, The Leadership Challenge.

In this fireside chat, you will:

    1. Hear the latest observations and insights on leadership from the experts.
    2. Learn more about the unique challenges and opportunities facing leaders today.
    3. Learn how to liberate the leader within everyone.

Whether you’re a lifelong student of leadership principles or a seasoned executive, this two-day workshop promises unparalleled learning. Reserve your spot now and invest in your team’s leadership journey.


Original Price: EGP 174,965


7 tickets to attend all two-day workshop

Concierge through the entire program

Branded corporate table

Full breakfast

Networking lunch and refreshment breaks


Original Price: EGP 24,995


1 ticket to attend all two-day workshop

Full breakfast

Networking lunch and refreshment breaks

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary event. Be part of the transformational experience. Reserve your seat today!

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Who are the organizers?

Global Intelligence Association:

A new corporate name has been adopted by two training institutions (Pure Visions and Intelligence Training) which merged last June 2022) are now known as GIA (Global Intelligence Associates). The brand is a melding of two great training institutions signifies the smooth transition to a new company culture since our merger.

With a strong foothold in UAE, and EGYPT. GIA vigorously launched the opening of branch in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to expand further to cater bilingual (both Arabic and English) training, consulting, coaching & mentoring solutions. Global Intelligence Association is our business entity in Saudi Arabia, comprises of highly caliber consultants, and trainers. There is really NO STOPPING US!

Global Intelligence Association (GIA) is a training & development and consulting solutions offering help to grow your business, your people and your leaders. We offer one to one business coaching, personal/management development to individual business professionals and organization. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver tangible, bespoke and transparent solutions that remain in tune with real people focused, cultural values, whilst at the same time being fun, engaging and enjoyable.

Sterling International:

Sterling International is the global partner of Florida Sterling Council, a well-respected agency that has offered organizational consulting to businesses in the U.S. for more than 25 years. Now, for the first time, the same methodologies and proven best practices that drive sustainable performance excellence in American businesses are being made available to organizations around the world.

NEXUS Global for Training Solutions:

NEXUS is a powerhouse for training and development that fosters innovation and ambition. Our aim is to connect Business Leaders, C-suit level, and top executives with influential thought leaders and visionaries from around the globe. Our bold promise is to ignite success in the boardrooms of Egypt’s most prestigious companies.


With a strong focus on nurturing business leadership excellence, NEXUS brings internationally recognized business tycoons, creating an environment where CEOs and executives are not only inspired but also motivated to achieve unprecedented business growth. In a country where the desert meets bustling markets, NEXUS is a leading beacon in transforming businesses in the Middle East.

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English is not my strongest language. Do you offer simultaneous interpretation at your events?

We offer translation services for main stage presentations into Arabic.