About The Speaker

Jonah Berger

Jonah Berger is a marketing professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and internationally bestselling author of Contagious, Invisible Influence, and The Catalyst. Dr. Berger is a world-renowned expert on change, word of mouth, influence, consumer behavior, and how products, ideas, and behaviors catch on. He has published over 50 articles in top‐tier academic journals like The New York Times and Harvard Business Review. He teaches one of Wharton’s highest-rated and most popular online courses. He’s keynoted hundreds of events, and often consults for organizations like Google, Nike, Apple, and the Gates Foundation.

Talking Points by Jonah Berger


Harnessing the power of word of mouth, online or offline, by understanding why people talk and why some things get talked about and shared more than others.

How negative reviews increase sales. Can negative publicity have a positive effect? And if so, when?

Integrate skills, techniques, and knowledge from different areas of marketing to understand why someone bought one thing rather than another.

The art of changing anyone’s mind by removing barriers, overcoming resistance by reducing friction, and lowering the hurdles to action.

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