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Glen Gilmore

Called a "man of action" by TIME magazine, Gilmore is a Forbes Top 20 "Social Media Influencer" and also ranked a top influencer in Digital Transformation, and Emerging Tech. Dubbed a "futurist" by IBM, Gilmore is an international speaker providing Digital Transformation and Marketing strategy and training to the Fortune 500. COLLABORATIONS: Salesforce, Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, AT&T, Ericsson, VMware, Lenovo, Omron, Verizon, IBM, NASA, NATO, Viking & Fathom Cruises, Wines Of Sicily, Jordanian Tourism, JNJ, FedEx. Founding faculty: Digital Marketing Executive Programs at Rutgers University School of Business, teaching Brand Management, Digital Marketing, Crisis Communications, Emerging Tech, and Global Social Media Law. Gilmore; authored the book "Social Media Law for Business". Contributing author to "Strategic Digital Marketing", and advises clients on strategy, trends, Digital Marketing & Transformation best practices, online community building, influencer marketing, community management, reputation management, compliance, and governance.

Talking Points by Glen Gilmore


Everything you need to know about the metaverse, why it is important, and its business value.

The combination of human and AI in marketing is highly needed, as marketing is increasingly becoming center-stage and accountable for business.

Understand how the data from the Marketing technology – the listening tools, analytics dashboards, and digital channels- contributes to the consumer journey.

Next-gen marketers know that in order to deliver the personalization and experiences modern consumers expect, marketing must become smarter. It must become a marketer + machine, to deliver unique experiences at scale across digital channels.

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