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Head of Growth at JustPark and Growth Hacker

Inventor of the digital camera.

Founder and CEO of Strategyn, Inventor, Best-Selling Author, and Innovation Thought Leader.

PhD | MBA, has worked very intensively in recent years on the mindset that enables us to solve different types of problems. Michael is a best-selling author, award-winning design thinking and business ecosystem design thought leader, business entrepreneur, and visiting professor at various universities globally. His ideas, books, and company, Lewrick & Company, help mobilize people around the world to better lead innovation, digital transformation, and business growth in an era of increasingly rapid change. He is the author of the international best-sellers Design Thinking Series, including titles like, Design Thinking and Innovation Metrics, Design Thinking for Business Growth, The Design Thinking Toolbox, and The Design Thinking Playbook, in which he describes the mindful transformation of people, teams, ecosystems, and organizations. He works intensively with universities and companies, and places the self-efficacy of people in personal and organizational change projects at the center of his activities. As an internationally recognized expert in the field of digital transformation and the management of innovation, Michael has helped numerous companies to develop and scale growth strategies.

Co-Chairman Living Tomorrow, Founder TomorrowLab / Group Managing Partner, Author of the book Why Innovation Fails.

The Egyptian economy is facing several challenges, including managing external debt, domestic debt, budget deficit, inflation, and structural imbalances. However, these challenges also present opportunities for growth and innovation. The Growth+ Conference 2023 will feature keynote speeches from renowned experts such as Michael Alstyne, Michael Lewrick, Daphne Tideman, and Dan Toma, as well as industry leaders. Interactive panel discussions and networking opportunities with other executives and CEOs from around the Middle East will also be available to discuss these challenges and explore new growth strategies. Attendees can learn about the latest trends, connect with potential partners, and gain valuable insights into the Egyptian market.

The GROWTH+ event is the perfect place for senior leaders, innovation leaders, and entrepreneurs to learn how to grow their businesses. Senior leaders can gain transparency into their business’s growth potential, identify areas for expansion and remodeling, prioritize projects that will shape their business’s future, and make wise investments with minimal risk. Innovation leaders can reduce the risk of new ideas, implement procedures, metrics, and tools for managing innovation, maximize innovation possibilities by integrating them into reliable business models, and radically change entire industries or revamp.

In conclusion, the Growth+ Conference 2023 is an excellent opportunity for business leaders and entrepreneurs to gain valuable insights into the Egyptian market and explore new ways to drive growth and prosperity. We invite you to join us at the Growth+ Conference 2023 and be a part of the conversation.

Connect To The Future of Businesses

GROWTH+ is an event that teaches senior leaders, innovation leaders, and entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses with minimal risk. Senior leaders can gain transparency into their business’s growth potential, prioritize projects, and make wise investments. Innovation leaders can maximize innovation possibilities and change entire industries. Entrepreneurs can test their ideas for market fit, disrupt entire sectors, and create more sustainable companies. Register now for GROWTH+ and take your business to the next level!


Your Ideas Matter, Experiment Them First

Emphasizes the significance of testing new ideas for growth, using a holistic approach encompassing all aspects of a business. Experiment with new ideas, using a holistic approach, to achieve growth.


Build Stronger Growth Teams

The Growth Competency Model focuses on building strong growth teams for businesses by identifying key competencies needed for successful growth, such as customer focus, strategic thinking, and adaptability. This model can be used to assess current team members and guide hiring decisions for future team members.
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A Framework for Growth

A growth strategy that focuses on the product experience to drive acquisition, activation, retention, and expansion. It allows companies to shift away from traditional sales and marketing methods and instead prioritize the customer experience to build a sustainable growth model that is driven by the product itself.


How Platforms Change the Shape of Your Industry

New Rules of Strategy as platforms are disrupting traditional industries and forcing businesses to rethink their strategies, explores the benefits and challenges of operating within a platform ecosystem with examples of successful platform businesses.


The Corporate Startup

A strategy for established companies to create successful innovation ecosystems and compete with technology startups by fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and experimentation, creating agile and decentralized teams, leveraging partnerships and acquisitions, and continuing to innovate and adapt.


Why Innovation Fails

Established companies struggle with innovation because they fail to create an effective innovation ecosystem. This can be addressed by establishing an innovation culture and processes, cultivating diverse networks and partnerships, embracing experimentation and risk-taking, and providing leadership support and resources. Fostering successful innovation ecosystems requires a willingness to adapt and a commitment to continuous improvement.


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